Litigation Services

Our Lawyers have considerable trial and appellate experience of conducting cases in District Courts, and High Courts, including numerous cases before the Supreme Court of India. Our lawyers represent clients in a wide array of civil and criminal cases. We offer practical and economical solutions to litigation problems through negotiation, mediation, arbitration and whenever necessary, providing aggressive representation in Court.

Our litigation practice includes Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Arbitration International & National, Intellectual Property Rights protection suits, Forest and Environment Law, Mining Law, Information Technology Law, Customs & Excise Law, Taxation Law, Service and Labour Law, Tenancy and Property Law, Consumer Protection Law and Family Law and these are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Arbitration Matters

We are regularly engaged in arbitration proceedings involving big corporations and private individuals. Over the years, our lawyers have acquired extensive experience in conducting arbitration proceedings before the Arbitrator(s) and also defending the interests of our clients before the Court of law.

We also provide services of arbitrators, who are ex Judges, bureaucrats and professionals.

Corporate & Commercial Matters

We carry on a comprehensive and fully integrated business law practice. We advise on incorporation, merger and reconstructive measures for industrial and corporate clients. We advise and also represent our clients in matters of companies in High Court and Supreme Court of India. Drafting of contracts and wills are part of our commercial services.

Customs & Excise Matters

Export & Import Oriented Units are our client for whom we are handling cases relating to Customs and related litigation at the level of Commissioner (Appeals), High Courts and Supreme Court of India.

Family Matters

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with family matters including succession, probate, wills, family settlements, partition of estate and matrimonial matters. Our lawyers also negotiate and meditate in family disputes and whenever necessary, provides representation in Courts.

Intellectual Property Rights Services

We provide comprehensive services in this field of the law, which include:

• » Registration of copyrights, designs, service marks and trademarks;
• » Maintenance of the rights worldwide;
• » Monitoring of misappropriation of clients proprietary rights;
• » Advice on acquisition, sale and licensing of such rights;
• » Drafting agreements and Deeds.
• » Handling registrations, disputes and litigation of any nature, involving clients intellectual property rights before all forums in India.
• » Writing of patent specification by scientific and technical experts and filing of patent Applications

We handle all aspects of registrations and litigation relating to Patents, Designs, Copyright and trade secrets; and liaison with local lawyers, in relevant jurisdictions to provide litigation services in parallel jurisdictions.

Service Matters and Labour Laws

Our Lawyers represent Corporates on retainer ship basis for defending them against the spate of litigations filed by their disgruntled employees. In addition to this, we advise our clients on Service and Labour Law in view of their specific requirements and queries.

We have widespread experience of conducting cases before Labour Tribunals, Central Administrative Tribunal, High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Legal Due Diligence

We are proficient in carrying out Legal Due Diligence on behalf of Corporate Clients, who are looking at acquiring Capital Assets and / or takeover a Company in line with their objectives of inorganic growth. Based on our Legal Due Diligence Reports, our clients have benefitted in terms of savings of Crores of Rupees and have closed deals after being fully satisfied with the credentials of the acquired Company and/or the Capital Asset.

Real Estate Legal Matters

We specialize in carrying out comprehensive search of the legal titles of Real Estates and always successfully complete the complex chains of ownership lineage thus presenting the crystal clear picture with respect to the property in question. We are also proficient in searching out litigations, past and present, in relation to the property in question.

Taxation Laws

We have assisted various clients in setting up Companies in India & Abroad and advised them on Taxation matters under the various treaties between the concerned countries, Tax Home, Foreign earned income exclusion, Housing exclusion etc. in addition to out of Court / in Court resolution of Tax matters at all levels.

Tenancy & Property Matters

Our lawyers are routinely consulted and conduct matters relating to tenancy and disputed properties. We specialize in drafting and registration of comprehensive and wide array of trusts, deeds, agreements and transfer of properties, besides various kinds of conveyances.

Risk Management and Business Consultancy

We provide consultancy in project and risk management, Legal and Business Strategic Management, Sourcing and Logistics in addition to assessing the economic impact of legal compliances on profitability of the project. The impact of various risk factors affecting the projects is also studied to advise the clients in project management.

Logistic Consultancy

Logistics and supply chain management do affect- both upward and downward stream of the projects, so our consultants do provide their services for the best management of supply chain and logistic to ensure success of the projects.

Forest, Environment and Mining Matters

Forest and environment matters do affect the profitability of the mining, manufacturing and other real estate projects, so we provided expert services to address legal implication of these issues.