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Stalwart Consultancy

Stalwart Consultancy is a collective endeavour of highly qualified professionals offering wide range of legal and business consultancy. Stalwart Consultancy is fully committed to the highest level of professional competence and probity in delivering services to its clients. In addition to providing general litigation services of solicitors and attorneys to individual and corporate clients, it also provide consultancy in corporate development, project management, Legal and Business Strategic Management, Sourcing and Logistics, Commercial Arbitration, Forest and Environment issues, Mining matters, Contract and Family conflicts. The firm also facilitates alternate dispute resolution mechanisms for its clients.

Our associates comprise professionals, attorneys and solicitors, some of who are having over thirty years of experience of practising in the legal and business field. Their primary work entails tendering consultancy and conducting legal cases of individual, corporate and Government in different courts of law, tribunals and other quasi-judicial bodies. Some of them have also assisted the Supreme Court of India as Amicus Curie in criminal cases.